Experience Business Broadband that really is unlimited.

Take your business further with a broadband solution providing unlimited data, fast ADSL2+ speeds (if available at your location)3 and an included plug & play WiFi modem1.

Experience unlimited broadband for only $50 per month1 when bundled with a Commander office phone.

PLUS, for a limited time only receive ONE MONTH FREE of Broadband Access Fees2.

Bundled Monthly Access Fee per Broadband service. Total Minimum Cost $2,143.95 when bundled with a Business First Office PSTN phone service over 24 months. Includes $19.95 postage & handling (P & H) fee for modem.

*when bundled with a Business First Office PSTN phone service over 24 months.

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View our Critical Information Summary
1. Offer available only when combined with a Commander PSTN office phone service and until withdrawn. New 24 month broadband connections only. Subject to availability at your location. Broadband Monthly Access Fee of $50 per month is only available when broadband service is bundled with a Commander PSTN office phone service. Charges for the PSTN phone line are in addition to Broadband Monthly Access Fees. Total Minimum Cost (TMC) is $2,143.95 when bundled with a Business First Office PSTN phone service and includes monthly access fee for phone and broadband services, plus $19.95 P & H fee for modem. Higher charges may apply if bundled with a different Commander PSTN service. If you cancel or move your PSTN phone service, your broadband service will be moved to the Business First Broadband 1000 plan with a Monthly Access Fee of $89.95 and your data will be limited to 1000GB. Excess usage charges apply on 1000GB plan.
2. Receive one (1) month free of Broadband Access Fees when signing a new 24 month agreement. Once-off offer credit will be applied on your first invoice.
3. You will be supplied with fastest speed available at your location - ADSL2+ or ADSL (if ADSL2+ is not available).
4. No shaping or excess usage charges apply to this plan whilst bundled.
5. The Commander SFOA and Acceptable Use Policies apply and can be found at www.commander.com/customer-terms.
6. Early Termination Fees (ETF) apply if you cancel the Unlimited Business Broadband service within the agreement term. The ETF will be calculated as $45 multiplied by the number of months remaining on the agreement. Maximum ETF is $1,035.
7. Dollar value in Commander Holiday Rewards. Holiday Rewards only available for new broadband connections; customers with an existing Commander broadband service are not eligible. For full details on Commander Holiday Rewards, visit www.commander.com/holiday-rewards.
8. All pricing is inclusive of GST. M2 Commander Pty Ltd. ABN: 85 136 950 082, www.commander.com.