OpenScape Office delivers Unified Communications to your business in the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable solution on the market.

The Unified Communications is a solution for small and medium sized enterprises. It offers integrated voice and conference services, voice and fax message boxes, notification service, mobility, a Multimedia Contact Center and presence status functions.

  • UC-enable MS Outlook - call, conference, or find your contacts in just a few clicks directly from Outlook
  • Communicate just as easily from your PC, desk, or mobile phone
  • Control how you are contacted whenever and wherever you want

Open up your office to a new way of working.



OpenScape Office MX is an all-in-one Unified Communications platform for companies with 10 up to 150 users.

Designed to work with modern IP networks, it combines unified communications software, PBX software and PSTN connectivity in a single package that’s easy to use, administer and maintain.


OpenScape Office MX is easy to operate and offers the following with the integrated OpenScape Office applications:

  • Unified communications
  • Contact Centre
  • Mobility options for mobile employees
  • Services for voice and data
  • Open interfaces for the integration of external applications


Unified Communications features:

  • Presence
  • Conferencing - up to 16 participants
  • Instant Messaging with Multi-User-Chat
  • Favourites List
  • Call Journal
  • Personal and Central Auto Attendant
  • Status-based call forwarding
  • Voice and Fax message box
  • Directories
  • Notification service
  • Screen pop-up



Siemens offers a full range of next-generation devices and clients to complete the user’s Unified Communications experience.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, they all offer intuitive interfaces, high-quality voice, an industry-leading feature set and seamless interoperability that provide users with consistently excellent communications from anywhere and any device.

There’s a phone to suit the needs of any worker; from entry level to executive level desk phones, cordless phones, mobile / smart-phone clients, and a soft client that adds phone capabilities to laptop computers for workers on the go.

Ask us about the OpenStage desk phone range to find the suitable model for your business needs

  • OpenStage 15

    OpenStage 15

  • OpenStage 20

    OpenStage 20

  • OpenStage 40/40G

    OpenStage 40/40G

  • OpenStage 60/60G

    OpenStage 60/60G

  • OpenStage 80/80G

    OpenStage 80/80G


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